Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Bomb

Sitting in the window of my temporary Potrero Hill home I see my city humming and glowing below. Just like sitting under the stars can be soothing for some, looking down on the world from a hilltop is my favorite way to clear my mind. Things aren't going exactly as planned, but when do they ever? A major chunk of my savings had to be used ahead of schedule but at least I had it and now I'm back to the usual: Broke in terms of money but rich in terms of life. Life is beautiful and life is an adventure. If there weren't trees to climb and rivers to cross I couldn't pretend to be Indiana Jones. I mean, what fun would that be?

Ever since I could read, books have been saving my life and once again Henry has come through. So many times the printed words of others have illuminated my experience as if they were writing just for me. It makes me feel like everything's OK. Right now I'm reading "Tropic of Capricorn". Here's a thought for the day: "Things take place instantaneously, but there's a long process to be gone through first. What you get when something happens is only the explosion, and the second before that spark. But everything happens according to law-and with the full consent and collaboration of the whole cosmos. Before I could get up and explode the bomb had to be properly prepared, properly primed. After putting things in order for the bastards up above I had to be taken down from my high horse, had to be kicked around like a football, had to be stepped on, squelched, humiliated, fettered, manacled, made impotent as a jellyfish." - Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn.

I dig it.

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