Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Beginning

Some days the shit hits the fan (or runs down the staircase, as it were).
Yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday was my last day to move out.

Yesterday I owed people large amounts of money and other people owed me large amounts of money too. Yesterday a good friend got fired and another got a raise. Yesterday I carried all my belongings out of my second story apartment and into my temporary two week four story apartment. Yesterday my ass got a workout.

Yesterday I had crackers with peanut butter for dinner. Yesterday a sick little dog wandered out of her resting place and shat all over the stairs. This brought tears to an already stressed roommates' eyes and complicated some business between friends...

Yesterday the carpet I slept on gave me a rug-burn on my wrist and I dreamt I was sentenced to die but first had to dive underwater and detonate a bomb. Yesterday I kind of wanted to give up and crawl into a hole. Thank god I survived yesterday. Yesterday is OVER! Shit is resolved and today I am free!

Today I will lose myself to the buzz and sting of the needle on my skin as I mark this transition and dissolve into that lovely numbing pain that tunes out all other noise. Today I get ink from a childhood friend who made his way (like me) from the east coast to the west. Today I'll spend hours in pure presence, unable to avoid or ignore and marvelling at my own strength and badassness! Today I treat myself. Today I am fresh. Today I am free. Today I start my weekend and today I start a new adventure!

Today is August 1.
Today is the Beginning.

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  1. new new new. so exciting...
    (and i just went for my consult today for a tattoo i'm getting this week. serendipity!)