Thursday, October 1, 2009

YOU are where it's at.

It's a strange time, but when is it not?

I got a new job that I like a lot more than the first one. My boss is a woman who is quickly becoming a friend, I spend my days in a lovely theatre cafe, wearing what I want, listening to my choice of music and having genuine conversations with the people in my small community of Silverlake. This is exactly the kind of job I was hoping for. The pay is low but enough to cover the bills for now and I'm not wasting my life away commuting on the 101, to the 110 to the 10 to the 405 to the 90 all the way to Marina Del Rey...

Thoughts that have been clinking in my mind like the pennies in the laundry again:

Girls, women, ladies; find a spot on your body that you frequently spend hating and devote at least an hour of your day to genuinely loving it. It's hard at first but really rewarding and freeing in the end. I did it by placing my hands on my lower belly as I was falling asleep, started with a simple mental investigation, texture, temperature, movement, the feeling of it below my hands. After a little while of noticing what was actually there and a part of me, I fell in love! Might sound crazy but I found it fun and surprising. Don't waste any of your precious brilliance and energy hating yourself, you could be changing the world instead. You are unique perfection and wholeness.

Boys, men, gentlemen; as a heterosexual, single female and in the context of romantic relationships, I don't get you! Even in terms of the most open types of interactions I can imagine, there are so many complications and ways for things to go wrong, what's the point? Also, why is it that some of you seem so hell-bent on knowing-it-all!? Stay open, it will benefit you!

Kids; if you have one or decide to have one I hope you can explain to it why you brought it into the world. Do you know? Have you thought about it?

Music; give me something current and earth-shattering. Who out there knows someone on a Bob Dylan level? Anything? Anyone? I need musical inspiration.

Movies; stop overdoing the special effects. I want to see a little old-fashioned creativity once in awhile that might involve melting wax, claymation, real film, interesting foley, creative, resourceful uses of the imagination involving available materials are a delight!

Last; this is my life! This is your life! This is our life! This is life! Woah. YOU are where it's at. People are constantly amazing, beautiful, terrible, lovely, interesting, smart, stupid, mean, kind, awesome, awesome, awesome, in the most literal sense of the word.


  1. I miss you!! One day soon I want to get a road trip in order for some Shakti-time. You always know how to organize your thoughts in a really open way. great job. thanks for making me think :)

  2. frank turner...
    listen to photosynthesis... ballad of me and my friends... etc...
    you will find one song from him that will give you what you are looking for...
    i promise...
    great post!

  3. bon iver.
    those two never fail to make me tingle.