Thursday, September 17, 2009

Honey pie, you are makin' me crazy.


You will soon be entering the “after hours” portion of my brain.

If at any point you should start to experience dizziness or hunger, please,

step away from the computer and bake a pie immediately.

People are like the live active ingredients of some strange relationship food item. Depending on how many components you mix and the different properties of each, countless recipes can be created.

Salty and sweet could be a nice balance but too much sugar could end up tasting rotten. Salt on salt would be impossible to eat and bitter on bitter would probably be pretty unpleasant to bite. Bland with anything is going to be one-dimensional but too much spice will burn. Obviously, we can’t cook with poison and must be careful when using anything labeled “eat me”.

If the creation is left unattended then bites can be stolen but wrapped up too tight and it can’t be enjoyed. Years on the shelf and anything can become stale, so what is the perfect recipe and who the hell knows that secret ingredient?

*Obviously days of skimping on food is making me a little crazy (but when am I not?) I’m also much to wired to sleep so this is whatcha get! Let us review: First, people=ingredients; two could be a couple, more a party and so on. Personality traits=flavors; certain combinations are better than others. “The creation”=the relationship. Then we become both the food and the “eater” and the eating is the experience of it… I think... The secret ingredient=

Well, it’s secret, and no one will tell me.

Let’s get back to it. I’m confusing myself. Carelessly throwing around these food metaphors while coping with this insomnia, I’m just gonna keep on rolling and move towards digestion.

Some questions:

  • Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too?
  • Why do some people pluck a fruit before it’s ripe and try to eat it anyway?
  • And why does gorging on all the good stuff leave us feeling so, so bad?

(This all makes sense in my head, are you with me?)

I think until I figure it out I will have to remain a “frequent snacker” and continue developing my pallet. If that doesn’t work, then a fast.

The bottom line is, I’m hungry! I don’t know what I want and I wouldn’t know how to make it if I did! The only thing I do know is that everything has its own individual date-of-expiration and it ain’t written anywhere!

Change is constant and people are not food. Ah wait! I’m wrong. I’m totally disrespecting cannibals! OK. I’m thinking now might be a good time for me eat or sleep... Ugh, I give up!

Just one last thing: Does “honey pie” exist and has anyone ever tried it?


  1. Oh my gosh, new project!

  2. oh should come up to SF for some friend time

  3. Would that I could fly!!! I do need a little friend time... Can we still bake pie though, I can't let that go yet, feeling neurotic, MUST. BAKE. PIE!!!